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Publications 2014

34. Cadoret F, Ball G, Douzi B, Voulhoux R. (2014) Txc, a new type II secretion system of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain PA7 is regulated by the TtsS/R two component system and directs specific secretion of the CbpE chitin-binding protein. J. Bacteriol. Jul 1 ;196(13):2376-2386.

33. *Bleves S, Sana TG, Voulhoux R. (2014) The target cell genus does not matter. Trends Microbiol. Jun ;22(6):304-6.

32. Golovkine G, Faudry E, Bouillot S, Voulhoux R, Attrée I and Huber P. (2014) VE-Cadherin Cleavage by LasB Protease from Pseudomonas aeruginosa Facilitates Type III Secretion System Toxicity in Endothelial Cells. PLOS Pathogens. Mar 13 ;10(3):e1003939.

31. Bleves S, Dunger I, Walter MC, Frangoulidis D, Kastenmuller G, Voulhoux R and Ruepp. (2014) A. HoPaCI-DB host-Pseudomonas and Coxiella interaction database. Nucleic. Acid. ResearchJan 1 ;42(1).