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Welcome to the website of the Microbiology at a glance mini symposium.

On April 4th 2019, the Laboratoire de Chimie Bactérienne (LCB, CNRS) is hosting "Microbiology at a Glance", a 2-days symposium gathering in Marseille promising young PhD students in their final year to discuss the latest and exciting developments in bacterial microbiology. They will be given the opportunity to present their original PhD work in 30 mn oral presentations interwoven with seminars by our different team PIs.

This mini-symposium aims at promoting new ideas and connections to expand the many exciting research topics our laboratory is involved in the field of bacterial microbiology.

You will find on this site all the information about this event as well as the procedure to apply.

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2. About LCB

3. Where ? When ?

4. How to apply ?




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