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Publications 2017

- Mignot T. and M. Nöllmann (2017) New insights into the function of a versatile class of membrane molecular motors from studies of Myxococcus xanthus surface (gliding) motility. Microb Cell. 4(3):98-100

- Viala J.P., Prima V., Puppo R., Agrebi R., Canestrari M.J., Lignon S., Chauvin N., Méresse S., Mignot T., Lebrun R. and E. Bouveret (2017) Acylation of the Type 3 Secretion System Translocon Using a Dedicated Acyl Carrier Protein. PLoS Genet13(1):e1006556

- Ghachi M.E., Howe N., Auger R., Lambion A., Guiseppi A., Delbrassine F., Manat G., Roure S., Peslier S., Sauvage E., Vogeley L., Rengifo-Gonzalez J.C., Charlier P., Mengin-Lecreulx D., Foglino M., Touzé T., Caffrey M. and F. Kerff (2017) Crystal structure and biochemical characterization of the transmembrane PAP2 type phosphatidylglycerol phosphate phosphatase from Bacillus subtilis. Cell Mol Life Sci. 74(12):2319-2332

- Moine A.Espinosa L.Martineau E.Yaikhomba M., Jazleena P.J., Byrne D., Biondi E.G., Notomista
., Brilli M., Molle V., Gayathri P., Mignot T. and E.M Mauriello (2017) The nucleoid as a scaffold for the assembly of bacterial signaling complexes. PLoS Genet. 13(11):e1007103. doi : 10.1371/journal.pgen.1007103