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Publications 2015

- Fuduche M., Postec A., Davidson S., Chauvin J.P., Galès G., Hirschler-Réa A., Ollivier B., Wu L.F. and N. Pradel (2015) Diversity of magnetotactic bacteria from a French pristine Mediterranean area. Curr Microbiol 70(4):499-505.

- Du H.J., Chen Y.R., Zhang R., Pan H.M., Zhang W.Y., Zhou K., Wu L.F. and T. Xiao (2015). Temporal distributions and environmental adaptations of two types of multicellular magnetotactic prokaryote in the sediments of Lake Yuehu, China. Environ Microbiol Rep. 7(3):538-46.

- Murat D., Hérisse M., Espinosa L., Bossa A., Alberto F. and L.F. Wu (2015) Opposite and coordinated rotation of amphitrichous flagella governs oriented swimming and reversals in a magnetotactic spirillum. J Bacteriol. 15 ;197(20):3275-82

- Chen Y.R., Zhang R., Du H.J., Pan H.M., Zhang W.Y., Zhou K., Li J.H., Xiao T. and L.F. Wu (2015). A novel species of ellipsoidal multicellular magnetotactic prokaryotes from Lake Yuehu in China. Environ Microbiol. 17:637-647.

- Chen Y.R., Zhang W.Y., Zhou K., Pan H.M., Du H.J., Xu C., Xu J.H., Pradel N., Santini C.L., Li J.H., Huang H.,
Pan Y.X., Xiao T. and L.F. Wu (2015) Novel species and expanded distribution of ellipsoidal multicellular magnetotactic prokaryotes. Environ Microbiol Rep. 8(2):218-26