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Publications 2019

- Yin Q. J., Zhang W. J*., Li X. G., Zhou L. H., Qi X. Q., Zhang C. and L. F.Wu (2019) Contribution of trimethylamine N-oxide on the growth and pressure tolerance of deep-sea bacteria. J. Oceanol. Limnol. 37 (1) : 210–222

- Qian X.X., Santini C.L., Kosta A., Menguy N., Le Guenno H., Zhang W., Li J., Chen Y.R., Liu J., Alberto F., Espinosa L., Xiao T and L.F. Wu (2019) Juxtaposed membranes underpin cellular adhesion and display unilateral cell division of multicellular magnetotactic prokaryotes. Environ Microbiol.

- Fuduche M., Davidson S., Boileau C., Wu L.F. and Y. Combet-Blanc (2019) A novel highly efficient device for growing micro-aerophilic microorganisms. Front. Microbiol. 19 ;10:534

- Chen C., Chen L., Wang P., Wu L.F. and T. Song (2019) Steering of magnetotactic bacterial microrobots by focusing magnetic field for targeted pathogen killing. J. Magnet. 479:74-83

- Qian X.X., Liu J., Menguy N., Li J.H., Alberto F., Teng Z., Xiao T., Zhang W. and L.F. Wu* (2019) Identification of novel species of marine magnetotactic bacteria affiliated with Nitrospirae phylum Environm. Microbiol. Rep. 11(3):330-337