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Publications 2002

- Fieulaine S., Morera S., Poncet S., Mijakovic I., Galinier A., Janin J., Deutscher J. and S. Nessler (2002) X-ray structure of a bifunctional protein kinase in complex with its protein substrate HPr. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A 99, 13437-13441

- Mijakovic I., Poncet S., Galinier A., Monedero V., Fieulaine S., Janin J., Nessler S., Marquez J.A., Scheffzek K., Hasenbein S., Hengstenberg W. and J. Deutscher (2002) Pyrophosphate-producing protein dephosphorylation by HPr kinase/phosphorylase : a relic of early life ? Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A 99, 13442-13447

- Lavergne J.P., Jault J.M. and A. Galinier (2002) Insights into the functioning of Bacillus subtilis HPr kinase/phosphatase : affinity for its protein substrates and role of cations and phosphate. Biochemistry 41, 6218-6225

- Favier A., Brutscher B., Blackledge M., Galinier A., Deutscher J., Penin F. and D. Marion (2002) Solution structure and dynamics of Crh, the Bacillus subtilis catabolite repression HPr. J. Mol. Biol. 317, 131-144

- Galinier A., Lavergne J.P., Geourjon C., Fieulaine S., Nessler S. and J.M Jault. (2002) A new family of phosphotransferases with a P-loop motif. J. Biol.l Chem. 277, 11362-11367