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Publications 2006

- Caspi J., Irwin D., Lamed R., Shoham Y., Fierobe H-P, Wilson D.B. and E.A. Bayer (2006) Thermobifida fusca family-6 cellulases as potential designer cellulosome components. Biocat. Biotransform. 24, 3-12

- Fierobe H-P, Pagès S., Tardif C., Bélaïch A. and J-P Bélaïch (2006) Cellulosome Chimeras, a powerful tool to investigate the functioning of cellulosomes with potential biotechnological applications. in “Cellulosomes” (Kataeva I, Ed.) Nova Science Publishers Inc., USA.

- Tardif C., Bélaïch A., Fierobe H-P, Pagès S., de Philip P. and J-P Bélaïch (2006) Clostridium cellulolyticum : cellulosomes and cellulolysis. in “Cellulosomes” (Kataeva I, Ed.) Nova Science Publishers Inc., USA

- Maamar H., Abdou L., Boileau C., Valette O. and C. Tardif (2006) Transcriptional Analysis of the cip-cel Gene cluster from Clostridium cellulolyticum. J. Bacteriol. 188, 2614-2624