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Publications 2005

- Chen M., Xie K., Yuan J., Yi L., Facey S.J., Pradel N., Wu L.-F., Kuhn A. and R.E. Dalbey (2005) Involvement of SecDF and YidC in the membrane insertion of M13 procoat mutants. Biochemistry 44, 10741-10749

- Gérard F., Pradel N. and Wu L.-F. (2005) Bactericidal activity of colicin V is mediated by an inner membrane protein SdaC of Escherichia coli. J. Bacteriol. 187, 1945-1950

- Pradel N., Decorps A., Ye C.-Y., Santini C.-L. and L.-F. Wu (2005) YidC-dependent translocation of green fluorescence protein fused to the FliP cleavable signal peptide. Biochimie 87, 191-196