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Publications 2010

- Mauriello EM, Mouhamar F., Nan B., Ducret A., Dai D., Zusman DR and T. Mignot (2010) Bacterial motility complexes require the actin-like protein, MreB and the Ras homologue, MglA. EMBO J. 29, 315-326

- Gliding Motility Revisited : How do the Myxobacteria move without flagella ? Mauriello, E., M.,F., Mignot, T., Yang, Z., Zusman, D. (2010) Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews 74(2):229-49

- Zhang Y., Franco M., Ducret A. and Mignot T. (2010) A bacterial Ras-like small GTP-binding protein and its cognate GAP establish a dynamic spatial polarity axis to control directed motility. PLoS Biology. 20 ;8(7):e1000430