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Publications 2011

- Amouric A., Brochier-Armanet C., Johnson D.B, Bonnefoy* V. and K.B. Hallberg*. Phylogenetic and genetic variation among Fe(II)-oxidizing acidithiobacilli supports the view that these comprise multiple species with different ferrous iron oxidation pathways. Microbiology (2011) 157: 111-122
*: These authors contributed equally to the work

- Slyemi D., Moinier D., Brochier-Armanet C., Bonnefoy V. and D.B. Johnson. Characteristics of a phylogenetically-ambiguous, arsenic-oxidizing Thiomonas sp. (strain 3As). Arch. Microbiol 193(6)439-49

- Bertin P.N., Heinrich-Salmeron A., Pelletier E., Goulhen-Chollet F., Arsène-Ploetze F., Gallien S., Lauga B., Casiot C., Calteau A., Vallenet D., Bonnefoy V., Bruneel O., Chane-Woon-Ming B., Cleiss-Arnold J., Duran R., Elbaz-Poulichet F., Fonknechten N., Giloteaux L., Halter D., Marchal M., Mornico D., Schaeffer C., Thil Smith A.A., Van Dorsselaer A., Weissenbach J., Médigue C. and D. Le Paslier. Diversity of metabolic interactions inside an arsenic-rich microbial ecosystem revealed by meta- and proteo-genomics. Accepted to ISME J. 5:1735-1747

- Bird, L.J., Bonnefoy V.and D.K. Newman. Bioenergetic challenges of microbial iron metabolisms. (2011) Trends in Microbiology 19: 330-340