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Publications 2011

- Foulquier E., Pompeo F., Bernadac A., Espinosa L., and Galinier A. The YvcK protein is required for morphogenesis via localization of PBP1 under gluconeogenic growth conditions in Bacillus subtilis. Mol. Microbiol. (2011) 80(2):309-18

- Bruel L., Sulzenbacher G., Cervera Tison M., Pujol A., Nicoletti C., Perrier J., Galinier A., Ropartz D., Fons M., Pompeo F. and Giardina T. (2011) α-Galactosidase/Sucrose Kinase (AgaSK), a Novel Bifunctional Enzyme from the Human Microbiome Coupling Galactosidase and Kinase Activities. J Biol Chem. 286(47):40814-23.

- Pompeo F., Luciano J., Brochier-Armanet C., and A. Galinier (2011) The GTPase function of YvcJ and its subcellular relocalization are dependent on growth conditions in Bacillus subtilis. J. Mol. Microbiol Biotechnol. 2011 ;20(3):156-67.