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Publications 2008

- Pelletier N., Leroy G., Guiral M., Giudici-Orticoni M.T. and C. Aubert (2008) First characterisation of the active oligomer form of sulfur oxygenase reductase from the bacterium Aquifex aeolicus. Extremophiles 12:205-215.

- Vita N., Hatchikian C., Nouaillier M., Dolla A. and L. Pieulle (2008) A disulfide bond−dependent mechanism of protection against oxidative stress in pyruvate−ferredoxin oxidoreductase of anaerobic Desulfovibrio bacteria. Biochemistry 47:957-964.

- Seddiki N., Meunier B., Lemesle-Meunier D. and G. Brasseur (2008) Is cytochrome b glutamic acid 272 a quinol binding residue in the bc1 complex of Saccharomyces cerevisiae ? Biochemistry 47:2357-2368.

- Lefourn C., Fardeau M.L., Ollivier B., Lojou E. and A. Dolla (2008) The hyperthermophilic anaerobe Thermotoga maritima is able to cope with limited amount of oxygen : insights into its defence strategies. Environ. Microbiol. 10:1877-1887.