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Publications 2009

- Herpoël-Gimbert I., Margeot A., Dolla A., Jan G., Mollé D., Lignon S., Mathis H., Sigoillot J.C., Monot F. and M. Asther (2009) Comparative secretome analyses of two Trichoderma reesei RUT C30 and CL847 hyper-secretory strains. Biotechnology for Biofuels 1:18-26.

- Rivas M., Carepo M., Mota C., Korbas M., Durand M.C., Lopes A., Brondino C., Pereira A., George G., Dolla A., Moura J. and I. Moura (2009) Molybdenum induces the expression of a protein containing a new heterometallic Mo-Fe cluster in Desulfovibrio alaskensis. Biochemistry 48:873-892.