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Publications 2012

- Puvirajesinghe T.M., Elantak L., Lignon S., Franche N., Ilbert M. and M. Ansaldi (2012) DnaJ (HSP40) binding to a folded substrate impacts KplE1 prophage excision efficiency. J Biol Chem [Epub ahead of print] PMID:22378785

- Ansaldi M. (2012) Cell biology perspectives in phage biology. Front Biosci 1;4:1823-9. PMID:22201998

- Panis G., Franche N., Méjean V., and M. Ansaldi (2012) Insights into the functions of a prophage recombination directionality factor. Viruses, special issue "Recent progress in Bacteriophage Research" 4(10):1844-2416. Invited article Pr G. Hatfull.