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Publications 2013

- Mossadegh-Keller N., Sarrazin S., Kandalla P.K., Espinosa L., Stanley E.R., Nutt S.L., Moore J. and M.H. (2013) Sieweke M-CSF instructs myeloid lineage fate in single haematopoietic stem cells. Nature.497(7448):239-43

- Menouni R., Champ S., Espinosa L., Boudvillain M. and M. Ansaldi (2013) Transcription termination controls prophage maintenance in Escherichia coli genomes. Proc Natl Acad Sci 27 ;110(35):14414-9

- Ezraty B., Vergnes A., Banzhaf M., Duverger Y., Huguenot A., Brochado A., Su S., Espinosa L., Loiseau L., Py B., Typas A. and F. Barras (2013) Fe-S Cluster Biosynthesis Controls Uptake of Aminoglycosides in a ROS-Less Death Pathway. Science 340,

- Brunet YR., Espinosa L., Harchouni S., Mignot T. and E. Cascales (2013) Imaging Type-VI Secretion Mediated Bacterial Killing Cell Rep. 31 ;3(1):36-41

Book chapters
- Image Quantification. Y. Tourneur and L. Espinosa. In "Histochemical and Cytochemical Methods of Visualization" (2013) CRC Press Taylor&Francis group