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Publications 2013

- Kamali S.,Wang H., Ogata H., Lubitz W., Manor B., Rauchfuss T.B., Byrne D., Bonnefoy V., Jenney Jr. F.E, Adams M.W.W., Yoda Y., Alp E., Zhao J. and S. P. Cramer (2013) Active site Fe-CN and Fe-CO vibrations in [NiFe] Hydrogenase-observation by Nuclear Resonance Vibrational Spectroscopy. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 52, 724-728

- Ilbert M., and V. Bonnefoy. (2013) Insight into the evolution of the iron oxidation pathways. BBA-Bioenergetics 1827, 161-175. (Invited review)
- Osorio H., Mangold S., Denis Y., Ňancucheo I., Esparza M., Johnson D.B., Bonnefoy V., Dopson M. et D.S. Holmes. (2013) Anaerobic Sulfur Metabolism Coupled to Dissimilatory Iron Reduction in the Extremophile Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans. Appl. Env. Microbiol 79, 2172-2181.

- Slyemi D., Moinier D., Talla E. and V. Bonnefoy. (2013) Organisation and regulation of the arsenite oxidase operon from the moderately acidophilic and facultative chemoautotrophic Thiomonas arsenitoxydans. Extremophiles17(6):911-920

- Mamani S., Denis Y., Moinier D., Sabbah.M, Soulère L., Queneau Y., Bonnefoy V. and N. Guiliani. (2013) Characterization of the quorum sensing regulon in Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans. Adv. Mat. Res. 825, 129-132

- Talla E., Hedrich S., Ji B., Johnson D.B. and V. Bonnefoy. (2013) Genome analysis of the psychrotolerant acidophile Acidithiobacillus ferrivorans CF27 Adv. Mat. Res. 825, 145-148

- Moinier D., Byrne D., Amouric A. and V. Bonnefoy. (2013) How the RegBA redox responding system controls iron and sulfuroxidation in Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans. Adv. Mat. Res. 825, 186-189