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Publications 2012

- Ziarelli F., Peng L., Zhang C.C. and S. Viel (2012) High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning NMR to investigate ligand-receptor binding events for mass-limited samples in liquids. J. of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 59 :13-17.

- Wang F.-K., Latifi, A., Chen, W.-L. and C.C. Zhang (2012) The inositol monophosphatase All2917 (IMPA1) is involved in osmotic adaptation in Anabaena sp. PCC7120. Env. Microbiol Rep. 4:622-632.

- Miklaszewska M., Waleron M., Morin N., Calusinska M., Wilmotte A., Tandeau de Marsac N., Rippka R., and K. Waleron (2012) Elucidation of the gas vesicle gene clusters in cyanobacteria of the genus Arthrospira (Oscillatoriales, Cyanophyta) and correlation with ITS phylogeny. European Journal of Phycology 47, 233-244.