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Publications 2013

- Ji B., Zhang S.D., Arnoux P., Rouy Z., Alberto F., Philippe N., Murat D., Zhang W.J., Rioux J.B., Ginet N., Sabaty M., Mangenot S., Pradel N., Tian J., Yang J., Zhang L., Zhang W., Pan H., Henrissat B., Coutinho P.M., Li Y., Xiao T., Médigue C., Barbe V., Pignol D., Talla E*., and L.F. Wu* (2013) Comparative genomic analysis provides insights into the evolution and niche adaptation of marine Magnetospira sp. QH-2 strain. Environmental Microbiology. doi : 10.1111/1462-2920.12180. *Joint corresponding authors.

- Lefèvre C. T. and L.F. Wu (2013). Evolution of the bacterial organelle responsible for magnetotaxis. Trends Microbiol.doi:10.1016/j.tim.2013.07.005

- Lin W., Bazylinski D.A., Xiao T., Wu L.F. and Y. Pan (2013). Life
with compass : diversity and biogeography of magnetotactic bacteria. Environ.
doi : 10.1111/1462-2920.12313

- Zhang S.D., Cargou S., Petersen N., Zhang W.J., Ruan J., Murat D.,
Santini C.L., Kato T., Notareschi P., Song T., Li Y., Namba K., Gué A.M.
and L.F. Wu (2013) Magnetotaxis function and swimming behavior of the
marine bacterium strain MO-1. Environment. Microbiol. Rep. DOI :

- Zhang W.Y., Zhou K., Pan H.M., Du H.J., Chen Y.R., Zhang R.,
Wanneng Y., Lu C., Xiao T. and L.F. Wu(2013). Novel rod-shaped
magnetotactic bacteria belonging to Alphaproteobacteria. Appl. Environment.
79 : 3137-3140

- Zhou K., Zhang W.Y., Pan H.M., Zhang S.D., Li J.H., Yue
H.D., Xiao T. and L.F. Wu (2013). Adaptation of spherical multicellular
magnetotactic prokaryotes to the geochemically variable habitat of an
intertidal zone. Environment. Microbiol. 15 : 1595-1605.