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Publications 2014

- Fan Y., Lemeille S., Talla E., Janicki A., Denis Y., Zhang C.C. and A. Latifi (2014). Unraveling the crosstalk between iron starvation and oxidative stress responses highlights the key role of PerR (alr0957) in peroxide signaling in the cyanobacterium Nostoc PCC 7120. Env Mic Rep. 6:458-475

- Chen H.L., Bernard C.S., Hubert P., My L. and C.C. Zhang (2014) Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Based on Interaction of PII and PipX Proteins Provides a Robust and Specific Biosensor for 2-Oxoglutarate, a Central Metabolite and a Signaling Molecule. FEBS J. 281 :1241-1255

- Zhang J.Y., Deng X.M., Li F.P., Wang L., Huang Q.Y., Zhang C.C. and W.L. Chen (2014) RNase E, via a cyanobacterial-specific nonapeptide in the non-catalytic domain, forms a complex with polynucleotide phosphorylase in cyanobacteria. RNA. 20:568-579.

- Deschoenmaeker F., Facchini R., Leroy B., Badri H., Zhang C.C., and R. Wattiez (2014) Proteomic and cellular views of Arthrospira sp. PCC 8005 adaptation to nitrate depletion. Microbiol. 160(Pt 6):1224-36

- Wang Y., Assaf Z., Liu X., Ziarelli F., Latifi A., Lamrabet O., Quéléver G., Qu F., Zhang C.C. and L. Peng (2014) A "click" chemistry constructed affinity system for 2-oxoglutaric acid receptors and binding proteins. Org Biomol Chem. 12:6470-6475

- Omairi-Nasser A., Galmozzi C.V., Latifi A., Muro-Pastor M.I., and G. Ajlani (2014) : NtcA is responsible for accumulation of the small isoform of ferredoxin:NADP oxidoreductase. Microbiology 160(Pt 4):789-94

- Wang Y., Liu X., Laurini E., Posocco P., Ziarelli F., Fermeglia M., Qu F., Pricl S., Zhang C.C. and L. Peng (2014) Mimicking 2-oxoglutaric acid signalling function using molecular probes : insights from structural and functional investigations. Org. Biomol. Chem. 12:4723-4729

- Calteau A., Fewer D.P., Latifi A., Coursin T., Laurent T., Jokela J., Kerfeld C.A., Sivonen K. and J. Piel (2014) Phylum-wide comparative genomics unravel the diversity of secondary metabolism in Cyanobacteria. BMC Genomics 18 ;15:977