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Publications 2014

- Fan Y., Lemeille S., Talla E., Janicki A., Denis Y., Zhang C.C. and A. Latifi (2014). Unraveling the crosstalk between iron starvation and oxidative stress responses highlights the key role of PerR (alr0957) in peroxide signaling in the cyanobacterium Nostoc PCC 7120. Env Mic Rep. In press

- Arabet D., Tempel S., Fons M., Denis Y., Jourlin-Castelli C., Armitano J., Redelberger D., Iobbi-Nivol C., Boulahrouf A. and V. Méjean (2014). Effects of a sulfonylurea herbicide on the soil bacterial community. Environ. Science and Pollution Research 21:5619-5627.

- Shi* L., Ji B., Kolar-Znika L., Boskovic A., Jadeau F., Combet C., Grangeasse C., Franjevic D., Talla E. and I. Mijakovic (2014) Evolution of bacterial protein-tyrosine kinases and their relaxed specificity towards substrates. Accepted for publication in Genome Biology and Evolution. *Joint corresponding authors.

- Tempel S. and E. Talla (2014) Visual ModuleOrganizer : a graphical interface that enables an optimized ModuleOrganizer tool. Mobile DNA 5:9 DOI : 10.1186/1759-8753-5-9.

- Ramulu H. G., Groussin M., Talla E., Planel R., Daubin V., and C. Brochier-Armanet (2014) Ribosomal proteins : Toward a next generation standard for prokaryotic systematics ? Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. S1055-7903(14)00064-5.

- Kunze G., Gaillardin C., Czernicka M., Durrens P., Martin T., Böer E., Gabaldón T., Cruz A.J., Talla E., Marck C., Goffeau A., Barbe V., Baret P., Baronian K., Beier S., Bleykasten C., Bode R., Casaregola S., Despons L., Fairhead C., Giersberg M., Gierski Piotr P., Hähnel U., Hartmann A., Jankowska D., Jubin C., Jung P., Lafontaine I., Leh-Louis V., Lemaire M., Marcet-Houben M., Mascher M., Morel G., Richard G.F., Riechen J., Sacerdot C., Sarkar A., Savel G., Schacherer J., Sherman J.D., Stein N., Straub M.L., Thierry A., Trautwein-Schult A., Vacherie B., Westhof E., Worch S., Dujon B., Souciet J.L., Wincker P., Scholz U. and C. Neuvéglise (2014) The complete genome of Blastobotrys (Arxula) adeninivorans LS3 - a yeast of biotechnological interest. Biotechnology for Biofuels 7:66.