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par TALLA Emmanuel -

VisualTE version 1.02

VisualTE Zip File

Installation instructions

1) Create a directory called ’VisualTE’ on your Desktop
2) Save in the VisualTE directory (Click on the image on the right)
 Be careful, you must save the file, do not open it !
3) Unzip the zipped file (Winzip, unzip, ...) in the VisualTE directory
 Be careful, on MacOS a second VisualTE can be created !
4) You obtain a JAR file called ’VisualTE.jar’ and a directory called ’Annotations’

First run of VisualTE

From these installation instructions :
1) Open a Terminal
 (For Windows user : Click on "Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt")
 (For MacOS user : Click on "Applications > Utilities > Terminal")
2) From the Terminal, tape :
 (For Windows user, tape : "cd Desktop\VisualTE")
 (For MacOs and Linux user, tape : "cd Desktop/VisualTE" or "cd Desktop/VisualTE/VisualTE")
3) In the Terminal, tape : "java -jar VisualTE.jar"
 You should get a graphical interface as the image below. The software works.
VisualTE Interface
Otherwise you do not have JAVA on your computer (you must install it) or your JAVA version is too old, you need to update it (VisualTE was compiled with JAVA 1.7)
You can also double click on the JAR file from the VisualTE directory to open the interface. Check before the JAR file is an executable file !

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