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Publications 2015

- Yingping F., Lemeille S., González A., Risoul V., Denis Y., Richaud P., Lamrabet O., Fillat M.F., Zhang C.C. and A. Latifi (2015) The Pkn22 Ser/Thr kinase in Nostoc PCC 7120 : role of FurA and NtcA regulators and transcript profiling under nitrogen starvation and oxidative stress.  BMC Genomics. 29 ;16:557

- Hu H.X., Jiang Y.L., Zhao M.X., Cai K., Liu S., Wen B., Lv P., Zhang Y., Peng J., Zhong H., Yu H.M., Ren Y.M., Zhang Z., Tian C., Wu Q., Oliveberg M., Zhang C.C., Chen Y., and C.Z. Zhou (2015) Structural insights into HetR-PatS interaction involved in cyanobacterial pattern formation. Sci Rep. 18 ;5:16470

- Hu S., Wang J., Wang L., Zhang C.C. and W.L. Chen (2015) Dynamics and Cell-Type Specificity of the DNA Double-Strand Break Repair Protein RecN in the Developmental Cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. Strain PCC 7120. PLoS One. 2 ;10(10) :e0139362