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Publications 2016

- Arias-Cartin R., Ceccaldi P., Schoepp-Cothenet B., Frick K., Blanc JM., Guigliarelli B., Walburger A., Grimaldi S., Friedrich T., Receveur-Brechot V., and A. Magalon (2016) Redox cofactors insertion in prokaryotic molybdoenzymes occurs via a conserved folding mechanism. Scientific Reports, DOI : 10.1038/srep37743

- Magalon A., Ceccaldi P., and B. Schoepp-Cothenet (2016) The prokaryotic Mo/W-bisPGD enzymes family. RCS Publishing Molybdenum and Tungsten enzymes. Biochemistry Edited by Russ Hille, Carola Schulzke, and Martin L. Kirk 143-191

Magalon A. and F. Alberge (2016) Distribution and dynamics of OXPHOS complexes in the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane. BBA-Bioenergetics. 1857:198-213