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Publications 2016

- Zoued A., Durand E., Brunet Y., Spinelli S., Douzi B., Guzzo M., Flaugnatti N., Legrand P., Journet L., Fronzes R., Mignot T., Cambillau C., Cascales E. (2016) Priming and polymerization ofbacterial contractile tail structure. Nature 3 ;531(7592):59-63

- Kientz B., Luke S., Vukusic P., Péteri R., Beaudry C., Renault T., Simon D., Mignot T., and E. Rosenfeld (2016) A unique self-organization of bacterial sub-communities creates iridescence in Cellulophaga lytica colony biofilms. Sci Rep. 28 ;6:19906 

- Mercier R. and T. Mignot (2016) Regulations governing multicellular lifestyles in Myxococcus xanthus. Curr Opin Microbiol (in press)

- Mercier R., Kawai Y. and J. Errington (2016) Wall proficient E. coli capable of sustained growth in the
absence of the Z-ring division machine. Nat Microbiol. 27 ;1(8):16091

- Faure L.*, Fiche .JB.*, Espinosa L.*, Ducret A., Anantharaman V., Luciano J., Lhospice S., Islam T., Tréguier J., Sotes M., Kuru E., Van Nieuwenhze M., Brun Y., Théodoly O., Aravind L., Nollmann M*. and T. Mignot (2016) The mechanism of force transmission at bacterial focal adhesion complexes. Nature 5 ;539 (7630) : 530-35