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23 novembre 2017: 1 événement


  • Séminaire LCB

    Jeudi 23 novembre 2017 15:00-16:30 - Julie Treguier

    Séminaire LCB - 15h00 !

    Résumé : Fast antibiotic susceptibility determination at single cell level
    The most used methods to determine antimicrobial susceptibility in a clinical context are the either time consuming or expensive and highly specific. It follows that antibiotic treatments are often not optimally adapted, with potential poor outcome for the patients. In addition, the large use of broad spectrum antibiotics promotes the emergence of multiresistance. Fast and highly reliable tools for antibiotics susceptibility determination are essential in the face of this emerging antibiotics “crisis”.
    We developed an innovative system where the effects of antibiotics are determined by direct microscopic observation of bacterial cells. To make such observation possible, we have developed a glass functionalization procedure that allows cell adhesion and a proliferation without any physical constraint and perturbation of the cell cycle. When this system is combined to micro-fluidics, it allows the fast and reliable determination of the MIC.
    We have thus tested the efficiency of our system on E. coli strains isolated from patients. These E. coli isolates adhere and proliferate in the device. Here, we will present how the device allows a high-resolution determination of the MIC of various antibiotics classes to the growth of these bacteria. We system can also be used for other bacteria, for example Staphyloccocus aureus another pathogen of the so-called ESKAPE family. Last, we are developing a software for the rapid analysis of the results for potential adaptation of this method in hospitals.

    Lieu : Salle Georges Morin

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