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22 février 2018: 1 événement


  • Séminaire LCB

    Jeudi 22 février 14:00-15:00 - Badreddine Douzi - Equipe Voulhoux

    Séminaire LCB

    Résumé : Structural and molecular bases of type II secretion system (T2SS) architecture and dynamics
    To communicate with their surrounding environment, bacteria use a large number of dedicated nanomachines controlling the traffic of different molecules across their envelope. The type 2 secretion system (T2SS) is one of these machineries responsible for the secretion of folded and multimeric effectors to the extracellular milieu. The T2SS forms a multiprotein complex that spans the entire envelope of Gram negative bacteria. It is constituted by an outer membrane core complex called the secretin and an inner membrane platform assembling a pilus-like structure called the pseudopilus. Despite intense researches, the global architecture as well as the mechanisms underlying its mode of action remains enigmatic. 
    Recently, we settled an integrative structural biology approach to disclose the unexpected structural organization of the periplasmic domain of the secretin. Structure-based cysteine cross linking experiments have demonstrated that secretin flexibility is mandatory for its function. In addition, we revealed that such dynamics also occurred within the inner membrane assembly platform since the binding of effectors to the inner membrane components triggers conformation changes. These results suggest that the assembly platform may play a dual role in effector sensing and pseudopilus assembly.

    Lieu : Salle Georges Morin

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